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Welcome to Haunted Hollows, a haunted scream park attraction like no other. Follow our twisted trails into the dark forest and come face to face with your deepest fears. Here, among the crooked and gnarled trees you'll encounter horrifying clowns, ghouls, giant spiders, murderous inmates, ravenous cannibals, deranged mental patients, and demented doctors. They're all waiting for you in the darkness of Haunted Hollows.

Terrifying Halloween Attractions!

Come check out our new major expansion and new widow maker vortex tunnel!


The Doctors have lost control and the patients run wild in the asylum. Dr. Satan has turned them into raving lunatic’s await new victims.

The Butcher Shop

Needs fresh meat that is human meat. Brace your self and see if you can slip by the monstrous cannibal butcher. Don’t be another victim strung up on his walls.

Carnevil Circus

Visit the hellsgate circus and try to survive the evil clowns that will greet you upon entry to the scream park. Better have those shoes on tight if you dare to enter.

Chainsaw Alley

RUN!!! If you hear the chainsaw it already may be to late to survive his attack. Stay on your toes or he will cut them off.

The Dead Die-ner

A halloween table for 2 is set and ready for hungry customers, ready to survive the trip through our zombie diner. The menu is to die for! Careful, you might end up as the meal!

The Swamp

Beware of the giant mutant rat spotted next to the toxic waste that spilled into the bog. Dare to find out what lurks inside the swamp at Haunted Hollows?

Real Reviews from Real People!

My sister and I are big horror buffs, and tough critics towards haunted houses. Let me just say, we were screaming the entire time!! The detail was absolutely incredible and the live actors were amazing. Nice work guys!!-Twisted Sisters

Michelle Richardson

Way better than horror hallways - haunted hollows really put in alotta thought and effort into this place! So much creativity with all the props and animatronics! It takes about half an hour to walk through the whole thing, but if you want to go again, you only need to pay $10 for an encore round!

Jessica Li

my husband and i have worked haunted houses for years. we are big critics. This haunt attraction was great and we REALLY enjoyed it. Maybe my fav haunt attraction yet.

Ashley McCall

Amazing haunt for the entire family! A great way to start off the spooky season! We thoroughly enjoyed talking skeleton in th eparking lot. Thank you for a great time, Haunted Hollows!

Holly MacDonald

Went last night with my work team, super fun! We jumped we screamed and laughed at each others fear lol So many details, so many things to look at it. Take your time look at the entire scene it's all so great! The asylum very scary lol Would definitely recommend.

Maggie Jackson

The detail throughout the entire maze is very impressive, you can definitely tell a lot of work was put in to the set up! All the actors did an amazing job - pretty much professional scarers!!! I would definitely recommend.

Shelby Theile

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